Story Mode Tips




The milestones that we are currently aware of in story mode are stages 360, 450, 600, 650, 700. These milestones have bosses that ramp up in difficulty and once completed the stage will not have the same difficultly as they previously had. The below items/gear can be farmed once you pass the milestone.

361- Starts to drop all 5* gears besides Noble Belief, Witch, White Dragon, Demon, Guardian, and Slash sets.

451- Starts to drop Ancient Enhancement Scrolls (+15) and the Noble Belief set.

601- Higher drop rate of the Ancient Enhancement Scrolls.

651- Starts to drop Brilliant Enhancement Scrolls. (+30)

701- Higher drop rate of the Ancient Enhancement Scrolls and starts to drop the Witch set.


You will want to farm story mode on your highest achievable milestone, in a stage that ends in XX9, and can be completed with an “S” rank. For example, if the highest milestone I can reach is 361-450 I will farm 449 assuming I can always “S” rank that stage. This farming method is due to encountering immunity bosses. These bosses drop a lot of scrolls, gold, and gear (including 5*). These bosses can be found in other stages; however, at stages 500+ that ends with XX9 these bosses are encountered roughly 6-8 times out of 10 attempts. It is roughly 5 out of 10 for stages below 500. Receiving a “S” rank on a stage will boost the amount of gold you acquire from that stage. The only time I would consider not farming with the above method is when you complete a new milestone and cannot “S” rank the next XX9 stage. For example, I recently progressed to the 701 milestone and I cannot always get an “S” rank on 709. Because I value the increased drop of +15 scrolls and the Witch set, I have chosen to keep farming 709.


4-Leaf Clovers have the chance to drop from any stage on story mode. These clovers can give the following items: Gold Bar, Rare Refining Scroll, Ancient Reinforcement Scrolls, and Ultimate Exp Potions. A Gold Bar can be exchanged in the Gold Bar Store for 1 billion gold or 5 Ancient Reinforcement Scrolls. 1 billion gold can also be exchanged for a Gold Bar.

A low amount of rubies also have the chance of dropping when the Goblin with a bag of gold on his back is encountered. 

The Penetration stat is very useful for Story Mode due to the Immunity bosses and the milestone bosses. When climbing high level story mode, the penetration stat becomes a must for completing stages fast or even at all. I recommend utilizing the Witch set on Cain as it literally becomes the Yui and Cain show.

Story mode is currently the only place to reliably farm for Refinement and Reinforce Scrolls. Premium Refinement Scroll is currently the only unobtainable scroll through story, unless it becomes available after a higher milestone that we have currently not reached yet.