Shining Beyond Shop Guide


Pack Information

Which packs are worth? I’m only going to list the packs that are decent if I didn’t list any that mean either its very bad or just for dolphins and whales. First off,  all head to the treasure page where you got all your freebies from and all of the packs are good deals for what it's worth. Besides the event energy one.


The energy packs are worth the price at all stages of the game that includes Pathfinder and the limited energy one. Daily one is more expensive and you probably want to buy it to speed run your progress.

Daily Packs

Just skip daily packs and move on. The omni shards are good at the start of the game, and that's it. Would only recommend purchasing the omni shards if your want a head start.

Weekly Packs

Rising Legend has decent value for 3k gems and 2 hourglass

Decent pack even for casual but it isn’t a must buy

Golden Enhancement is for dolphins otherwise its really good at late game, when higher tier gear comes out

Monthly Packs

King Hero Pack arguably the most expensive pack but it's the one with the most value in monthly, and edges that  dolphins budget. Rest is definitely a dolphin area and you should leave if you’re a tiny spender.

Other Great Value Packs

- Emiko's Delivery

- Advanced Emiko's Delivery

- Advancement Rewards

- Fledging Pack