LoR Beginner Guide


CCG’s (Collectible Card Games) can be rather intimidating to get into for new players. There are many questions that must be considered when getting into the game: “What are all of the mechanics?” “What decks should I start with to learn the game?” “What decks are good long-term?” Questions like these can immediately turn off players from trying to learn card games and Legends of Runeterra is no different.  

Hi, I’m Tempo13x. I recently hit rank 1 in North America, and this is my beginners guide to LoR. I’m very pleased to begin this guide by saying that Legends of Runeterra is very easy to learn. The game is still relatively new, which means there aren’t mind-bending mechanics that are confusing to understand. Additionally, it’s a great time to get into LoR, as the game is still somewhat new, so that you are able to adapt as it changes over time.

The first thing I would recommend is getting the tutorial out of the way and doing all the optional “Challenges” in the play menu. These are single player crash courses that show off all the mechanics that currently exist within the game. You also receive xp towards new cards by doing these challenges. Speaking of which, xp is the most important thing to consider as a new player since LoR is a Free2Play game that rewards you with cards just by playing the game regularly (No pack purchasing required).

After completing the “Prologue” route in the “Rewards” section, you are given the choice to pick one of the existing playable regions in Legends of Runeterra. Finishing the first section of each of these routes gives you bonus xp. This is to catch new players up on resources. I recommend completing each region’s bonus areas and then going all-in on whatever region you prefer to play with.

Doing daily missions is also recommended to get your card collection up. Every Thursday, depending on how much you play, you are given tons of cards via the “Vault” System. Make sure you play a couple games a day as you are rewarded with a big payout every Thursday. Doing Labs and Expeditions also grant you xp for playing them. Expeditions is probably the best way to get accustomed to cards that you’re unfamiliar with as well! So I highly suggest trying it out when you get Expedition tokens.

As for decks to start out with and work towards, I have a YouTube video just for you! I also answer questions in the comment section and in the LoR section of the Superior Gaming Discord Server!