Illusion Connect Reroll Guide



1 Minute Reroll 

If you are planning to reroll then make sure to log in with a guest account. You can easily delete the guest account after each roll, so its very easy to reroll in this game. The tutorial should take less than 5 minutes to do. When you finish the tutorial it will prompt you to collect your 10xTickets in your mailbox. When you go to summon your characters, the game will prompt you to summon on the beginner banner with the guarantee SSR, but since we are rerolling for the top tier characters, we would want to summon on different banners. You can click away to summon on other character banner your rerolling for. 


You would want to do this on 1-2. Once you click on home button to get out of app, going back in will cancel the tutorial. Beat 1-2 and you can do your 20 pulls right after instead of waiting to beat 1-4 and much of stories.

Delete Guest Account

To reroll again is really easy! Just click on your account icon ( top left ), and click on Account, New Guest Account, and type in "ok" to confirm deletion of current guest account. After you do all that, you will be prompted back onto the server selection screen. 


Free 2 Play

[SSR] Reroll for either an early Miyuki, Kiraya, Anna, Maki, Yuffie or Phoebe ( if you don't buy the 1$ pack )

[SR] Please get a Rikia or Pan with your rolls it will help a lot unless you get a godly double SSR start.



- Miyuki (yes yes yes if you controlling how much your spending then u want at least a 5* Miyuki the closer to 5* the better)

- Nicola (yes yes yes, if you manage to get 1 on reroll and another copy after your already in an ok place Nicola start seeing big gains at 4* and up and again she is top tier)

- Maki (she is a good pickup and maybe you can get a dupe on the limited banner which will boost her up a bit)

-Kiraya (solid pickup helps you clear story and content that's higher then your combat power)

- Selena (strong late game unit but wont she much happen if she is only 3* so its a riskier start but it will pay off in the later later game if you farm her up in arcana)

- Vivian (Vivian is a good keep if she is paired up with another SSR and then you can maybe get some dupes on the second banner rotation)

- Yuffie (solid pick up, top tier unit cant really go wrong but not my personal reroll choice)

- Anna (if you want a healer and your playing a balanced comp then a strong healer is useful but be warned you might not be able to dupe her since there is no banner for her at the moment but its a safe reroll option)



Aim to get either Pan or Rikia in your starting reroll with one of your SSR unless you get a double SSR then that's fine too



- Miyuki  (One of the best units in the game, this is the only units that offer rage down if you are whaling and pulling a bunch at the start reroll for her she is one you want 6 star, your looking to pull a total of 4 copies of her and you get the 5th for free on day 8)

- Nicola  (Another top tier unit, no unit can doe what she does late game and in newer content, though she sucks early and is not that good 3* she is a great reroll copy if you plan to pull a ton and hope you get 1 or 2 more copies to bring her to 5 star)

- Maki    (no a priority like the other two but something to consider if you want to whale and awaken her, she is the only unit currently that can be awakened so just to understand how expensive this is, u need 1 copy to 4, 1 copy to 5, 2 copies to 6* and 4 copies to awaken, if you are aiming to awaken her then having an early dupe will help surely, you also get a limited banner on day 4 for her, so buy all the limited ticket monthly and weekly packs before November hits to get them all again on reset to get as many copies as possible. trust me you don't want to use gems on limited banners its twice as expensive.)

- Anna   (best healer in the game though really only starts to shine once you get dupes for her especially when she hits 6* though that will be hard since she has no banner yet)

- Vivian (Fantastic unit and she will be on the second set of banners, alone she is a bad reroll unit since she is meant to support other great units but if your a whale your already pulling a lot so that's not an issue she is a great pick up to get and you will see her value the more you play the game)

- Kiraya (Kiraya is a personal bias of mine other regions rate her a little lower and I value her at and this is because I play her differently then a lot of players, for early game and current story clearing she is probably the best tank to get and the easiest one to dupe since she is on the Miyuki banner though late game Selena is going to pass her in the tank role but if you want to keep using her DM me ill let you know how I use her since I don't really use her as a tank so to speak.)

- Pheobe (picking up an early Pheobe is nice since you can buy 2 in the shop so that becomes an easy 5* Pheobe right there and frankly phoebe is one of the most versatile units, offering board wipe, def down, invincibility and revive.)

- Slena (considered the best late game tank and she really pops off when she is 6* u can get an early copy and she will pop up on day 4 on the Maki banner as a side unit so potential there to get more dupes)

- Yuffie (Yuffie is top tier but not my go too for early reroll she will be on a banner with Vivian right after Miyuki Kiraya so you can get tons of copies there by no means is it bad to get her early she is a great pick up amazing board wipe but I wouldn't stress super hard about having to get her early there are many amazing early board wipes that will carry you through the content.)

If your a whale and probably doing more then 10 pulls at the start then does it really matter lol, you will get tons of SR from all your pulls just refer to the tier list and my beginner guide for what's good