Guild Information


Guild Creation

Guild is a great way to play with your friends! You can create a guild by clicking on the "Guild" icon located on the bottom right. Guild names are capped at 6 letters only unfortunately. You can also change your guild name for 500 diamonds. It will also cost 150 diamonds to create a guild. The guild will start off at 10 members, but can be increased when guild level up.

Guild Positions

When you make a guild, your assigned Guild Master. There is also 2 more positions you can promote your fellow guild mates to, which are Vice and Elite. Each position has different levels of permissions in the guild. 

Member -> Elite -> Vice -> Guild Master

[Elite Permissions] - (Verify Applications) + (Summon Applications)

[Vice Permissions] - (Verify Applications) + (Edit Guild Notice) + (Summon Applications)

[Guild Master Permissions] - (Verify Applications) + (Edit Guild Notice) + (Change Guild Icon) + (Change Guild Name) + (Summon Applications)

Research Lab

There are two research you can contribute too as a guild member, which is Guild Level-Up and Guild Elites. You can contribute gold or diamond 5 times a day. You would want to focus all your gold and diamonds to Guild Level-Up. Guild Level-Up is very important as it increase your member count by +1 for every 2 levels. An additional member can boost your guild rankings quite a bit. Don't invest in Guild Elite research as of right now because there is no benefit in having more elites positions in guild. 2 Elite is already enough to help with managing the guild applications.  

Guild Contribution Coins

Guild contribution coins can be obtained through your gold or diamond contributions in the research lab. You can spend the coins in the Contribution Summon Banner. After you a certain amount of pulls on the banner, you can get a featured hero that's on the banner. The banner contains many random things such as gold, crystals, gear, gifts, etc...

[One Gold Contribution] - ( 50 Guild Contribution Coins ) + ( 50 Guild EXP)

[One Diamond Contribution] - ( 200 Guild Contribution Coins ) + ( 100 Guild EXP )