GoG S Shop Guide


F2P Priority Buys

For those that are mainly F2P and is trying to get the best value for ever single dollar. At least get the Proof of Valor and Eternal Blessing, it will help your progress.

- Eternal Blessing (1 time buy, effects last forever)
- Proof of Valor (monthly subscription)

Goldfish Priority Buys

- Eternal Blessing
- Proof of Valor
- Goddess Favor

Dolphin Priority Buys

There is a tons of small value packs that are very good and will help a lot with progressing to late game. They are cheap but the prices add up, and there worth the investment for sure!  For the Monthly Limited Genesis Pack, Monthly Limited Megapack, Monthly Limited Ultrapack are extras if you have more cash you want to spend.

- Eternal Blessing
- Proof of Valor
- Goddess favor
- 7-Day Genesis Pack
- 7-Day Summoner Pack
- Daily Starstone Pack (150 starstone $1)
- Weekly Genesis Stamina Pack 
- Monthly Limited Genesis Pack

-Monthly Limited Megapack

-Monthly Limited Ultrapack 

Extra Shop Items to Consider 

- Gem Packs for starter ($10 5gem packs = total 30 SSR gems of your choice) = worth it to purchase 1 time for starter
- M-Chosen Pack(Monthly) & M-Chosen Megapack(Monthly) = only if you really need that certain weapon & trinket on the pack's list.

Whale Priority Buys

Everything, just because we can.

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