GoG S Reroll Guide



Account Creation

Rerolling in this game is a bit more difficult, due to the fact that we are not able to just delete the guest account without reinstalling the game. The good news is that you are able to link a account with Twitter and Line, alongside Google and Facebook. Making a bunch of dummy social media accounts can be faster than redownloading the 2+ GB of game data. If you have a fast internet, then redownloading the game might not be an issue. If you have a good PC, you can run multiple instances of the game on an emulator. Its actually the fastest way to reroll for all games. Don't worry about your name, you can change it for free one time.

7 Minutes ~ 19 Summon

You will have to play through a quick tutorial of the game to get your 10 free summons(Destiny Tarot) in the mail. The tutorial will end once you hit level 6, and it takes an average time of 7 minutes to finish the tutorial. After you collect your rewards in the mail, make sure to collect the rewards in Events and Angelic Trail. You must do a 10 summon first to receive one Destiny Tarot from Angelic Trail. Once you collect everything you should have a total of 14 Destiny Tarot and 450 Starstones. 

10 Minutes ~ 20 Summon

If you wanted to do 2 x10 summons for the guarantee SR instead of 9 singles with the method above. You would have to do finish adventure 1-5, which will give you another Destiny Tarot. It takes about 3 minutes to finish adventure up to 1-5. If you wanted a clean 20 pull per reroll, this is the best way.


Summoning & Pity

The first x10 summon is guaranteed to be either Michael, Valkyrie, or Gabriel. Valkyrie would be the preferred hero in the 1st x10 summon, but what matter most is you get one the best heroes such as Dracula, Merlin, and Isabella on your summons after your first 10 summons.

50 = SSR Hero Pity Pull Count
- Pulling 49 pulls from either Genesis / Destiny Tarot without an SSR hero, the next one (50th) pull will guarantee you an SSR Hero.
- Pulling an SSR midway of the counter, will reset the counter to 0
- Daily Free Pulls is included on the pity mechanism
- Friendship summon & Gear summon is not included on the pity mechanism

Main Hero Rerolls


Best Healer

Strong PvP


High AoE

Strong PvP


Best Tank


Optional Hero Rerolls


High DPS

Strong PvP


High DPS

Endless Corridor


High DPS



Best Tank

Shield/Buff Cleanse

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