PvP Champion Tier Comp



" Petrify Strikes "

We named this comp "Petrify Strikes" because of the 2 main core units in the comp, Medusa and Lucifer. The main goal of the comp is to ensure that Medusa will petrify the enemy guardian/tank , and thus allowing Lucifer the chance to take out the healers or dps in the back. Medusa's petrify has a 100% hit chance and will be applied on the target you select, therefor if your using this comp in PvP, do not auto it as it the AI is not smart enough to operate this comp. When guardian/tank are petrified, they will not be able to protect the healers and dps in the back. When you take out their core dps in the back, you can easily kill the rest of the team.


Medusa will need as much speed as possible to be the first hero to go enabling her to petrify the enemy guardian/tank, which in most cases are going to be Valkyrie.


Artifacts: 3 Set Sagittarius & 2 Set Capricorn


Lucifer will need to be the second highest speed on the team to nuke the enemy carries after Medusa petrifies the enemy guardian/tank. Preferably over 100% crit to ensure she gets to hit twice. 


Artifacts: 3 Set Sagittarius & 2 Set Capricorn


Hanzo needs high crit to help clean up after Lucifer takes out the core dps or healer. Kind of a filler hero for the elemental buff. Healer don't have much use at the moment in early game. You can switch her for a Fire Healer or DPS if needed.

Optional : Fire Healer, Fire DPS

Artifacts: 2 Set Sagittarius & 3 Set Capricorn


Dracula will need high RSL and BLK. Used for dmg mitigation. The faster the better to get it running. 


Artifacts: 3 Set Cancer& 2 Set Virgo or Libra


Valkyrie will also need to run high BLK and RSL. High physical evasion would be really good to counter Lucifer comps (such as this one). Used as the main tank to block incoming dmg on carries while above 50% hp.


Artifacts: 3 Set Cancer& 2 Set Virgo or Libra


Michael - he's here purely for the fire buff. Can be swapped with red.


Apollo - used to debuff and fire buff.


Venus - heals for Valk and fire buff again.